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Citibank-case Banking Sector

The attraction for consumers can be achieved through focusing on prime located branches that are Citibank and Citi-Finance branches. Other alternatives are a Bank of America and J.P. Morgan Chase & Company that can help in growing Citigroup and Citi-Finance.

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Key Issues

To develop a sense in customers about banking sector that is leading towards the interest rate manipulation was the first problem faced by a national bank. For attracting new consumers marketing and branch, distribution was a primary focus of the banking sector. Marketing has become the primary source for engaging new customers towards the trading scheme. There was a model presented by retail banking i.e. Business Process Model. Citigroup was one of the largest banking systems in 2004. It was following the road of Bank of America that is another most major Corporation in the United States.

  • To tap the international financial market and fill the gap between banking system around the globe started making strategic moves.
  • Citigroup started selling its company i.e. The Travelers Life and Annuity Company.
  • Not only this! It began selling the international insurance business and Metlife in 2005.
  • To tackle issues, Citigroup took a strategic move i.e. focusing on a small strategic acquisition.

To make a standing in the Global Market Citigroup started buying credit cards receivables. The amount estimated was $32 billion for the portfolio of Sears, Roebuck, and Co. and Federated department stores.

Market Alternatives

The distribution was another extended position of Citigroup. In Canada and the US Citigroup has made it moves by opening 3000 bank branches in these countries. All these branches that were brought by Citigroup were at the prime location. Moreover, Citigroup has other alternatives i.e. more branches in about 53 countries. The bank has introduced new products scheme.

  • The Global image of Citigroup deals with products that are diverse and innovative set for consumers.
  • Another section of the Citigroup is savings and financial planning. There were three sub-vision provided which are Retail Banking North America, Women and Co. and Retail Banking International.
  • Next related product is Consumer Finance, Global Cards, and Credit Cards.


Citigroup Global Consumer business gave competing offers on an interest rate. The bank has covered its four categories related to deposits, credit cards, financial planning and consumer financing.


Turmoil is faced by the international market that is an economic collapse in which Citigroup has severely hit itself during 2005 and onwards.


Financial analysts must suggest over financial turmoil. If sub-prime turmoil is present among the commercial banking sector, then it needs to have long-term structural consequences. The analyst sees securitization as one promoting element of systematic risk.

Implementation and Consideration

Citigroup should improve it services such as branch banking, telephone banking, and online banking. Moreover, it can have right kind of strategic marketing view. Such marketing view includes direct selling, advertising, sponsorships, direct mail, consumer promotions, brochures, customer loyalty programs, and website. Furthermore, management has to make a strategy that could boost its global business performance.

Also, Citigroup has to make policy to stand in the foreign market. The CEO has to make progressive standings and must focus on Global Market Performance. The main dependency is on revenue generation. Therefore company needs to make improvement in the Citigroup Global Consumer.


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