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Global Warming Report

Global warming is the average increase in the temperature due to greenhouse effect, carbon dioxide release, deforestation or burning of fossil fuel.

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Definition of Global Warming

Global Warming is the increase of Earth's average surface temperature due to effect of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels or from deforestation, which trap heat that would otherwise escape from Earth” - According to NMSEA Organisation.  

Scientist predict that one degree change in the temperature would reduce 30% of species from the earth. 

History of Global Warming

  • The initial stepping stone was done in the 1800s where the first industrial Revolution came into existence. This revolution lead to the excess usage of coal in industry and transport especially railways and deforestation of the trees for clearing space for manufacturing companies and people.
  • Second Industrial Revolution added more fuel to the problem with the increase of the usage of fertilisers and chemicals that would harm the atmosphere.
  • A Swedish scientist named Svante Arrhenius (1859- 1927) claimed that fossil fuel enhanced the possibility of global warming.
  • World War I and II led to the exploitation of oilfields and industrialisation for the manufacture of weapons for the war.
  • After the end of the war, more investment were made in science and technology for the study of the earth.
  • International Global Atmospheric Research Program was created to gather data for weather prediction.               
  • In 1970’s the world saw major climatic changes in Asia and Africa because of climate change.
  • In the mid 1970’s studies found that CFC, methane and ozone role in greenhouse effect. Deforestation as one of the major factor of global warming.
  • In 1980’s Greenland drastic changes in the temperature showed the impact of global warming to the entire world.
  • Strong global warming is recorded in the past decade.
  • Global warming is considered as an important topic showcased by the media to the public.
  • In 1990’s different technology were created to predict the climate changes in the environment.
  • This decade showed evolution of clean energy in different sectors of business
Increase in inches.png
The above diagram shows the increase in the sea level across the globe due to global warming. We can observe that the levels of the sea has

increased all over the places. The most worried situation is found in the pole where the ice is getting melted leading to the increase in the water level.

Reason for Global Warming

Burning of Fossil Fuel

There is significant release of carbon dioxide when the fossil fuel is burned. Fossil fuel is used for generation of electricity in the country.

For every single unit generation of electricity leads to huge amount of CO2 in the air leading to the increase in the temperature. Automobiles also eliminates carbon dioxide by burning the gasoline for running the vehicle.

Fossil fuel emission.png
In the above diagram China will be leading country for the emission of fossil fuel in the coming decades followed by United States of America.


Deforestation is done for the commercial as well as residential demand. Deforestation leads to the decline of the plants and trees. This increases the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leading to the increase in the temperature.

Exploration of Natural Resources

It is found that gases are methane which are stored in the earth surface gets evacuated in the environment leading to the pollution to the air.

Usage of Fertiliser

Fertiliser consists of nitrous oxide which is far more dangerous that carbon dioxide. When fertiliser are used in the crops, the nitrous oxide escapes mixes with the air causing damage to the environment.


The garbage collected in the landfills are burnt leading to the release of toxic gases like methane and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere making the condition worse for survival.


Overpopulation would lead to more release of carbon dioxide in the air including exploitation of landfills, fertilise and exploration of natural resources, deforestation and burning of fossil fuel. 

Greenhouse contribution.png

The above diagram shows the different factors for contribution in polluting the environment leading to global warming.

Effects of Global Warming

Increase in the Sea Level

Global warming is melting the ice across the different places of the earth causing rise in the water. Another factor for increase in the sea level is the temperature making the water warmer which expands the volume of the water due to increase of heat. About 40% of the earth’s population live in the coastal area.

The increase in the sea level increases the risk of lives of the people and billions of property and business. The up-move of the sea level leads to the increase of storms and tides of the sea.

Islands are prone of getting drowned in the sea. Sea water level increase enters the groundwater drinking supplies leading to contamination of water.

Sea level increase.jpg

The above diagram shows the increase in the sea level in the coming centuries. There is a steep increase in the level of sea upto 2100.

Impact on Plants and Animals

Scientist predict that a small change in the temperature would lead to the major shift in biodiversity and species composition. The increase in the temperature makes the marine animals move towards cooler places for survival. Climate change would lead to the development of pathogen development and survival increasing the disease transmission.

Study has found that the increase in temperature would lead to the increase in the epidemic as the warm climate is vital for virus survival. This would impact all the living beings on the earth. In the long run there will be change in the phenology because of the unpredicted climate change.

All the beings living on the earth would be migrating to different places for survival. Carbon dioxide emitted in the air mixes with the sea water producing carbonic acid which imbalances the acidity of the sea causing damage to the marine life’s.

Climate Change

The summer temperature in the European regions has increased by two degree over the last 3 decades. The coolest places on the earth are becoming warmer. Hurricanes and cyclones has increased in the coastal areas. 

More extensive droughts and floods are occurring across different regions of the world. Seasons are getting shifted and becoming unpredictable due to which millions of dollars are badly impacted. There are wildfires burning the entire area of the region caused by hot temperature. 

Natural calamities.jpg

The above diagram shows the analysis of the natural calamities which occurred post 1980’s which saw the increase of global warming. The trend of the natural calamities s increasing across the globe. 

Solutions to Global Warming

  • Green technologies should be used by the transportation vehicles. This technology would be responsible to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide in the air.
  • Solar, bio-energy, geothermal and wind are some of the renewable sources of energy. This sources does not evaporate harmful gases in the atmosphere.
  • Developing low carbon technologies which will reduce the outflow of CO2 in the air.
  • Research and technology should be focused on innovating products that would reduce the dependency of excess carbon producing materials like coal.
  • Increase in the usage of public transportation because pollution from the vehicles accounts for the majority of carbon emissions. Reducing the usage of personal vehicles would help in reducing carbon dioxide in the air. This would be cost effective solution for transportation and also reduce the traffic of vehicles.
  • Reduction of deforestation supported with stricter rules for deforestation for industrialisation. The more trees on our earth, the more absorption of greenhouse gases. Trees are also responsible for absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen for the living beings. This also reduces the warming of the climate.
  • Reduction of usage of application like freezer, water heaters and air conditioners emit gases which causes damage to the ozone layers. Usage of new application where there less concentration of CFC.
  • More plantation of trees by the government and public by taking initiatives for plantation of trees near the surrounding. Increase in the public gardens and tree plantation campaigns can be run by different stakeholders of the society.
  • Reduction of usage of fertilisers because less usage of fertilisers which consists of toxic materials for emission. Alternate usage of natural products which no emission of methane and harmful gases.
  • Educating the people about the impact of global warming for future and also solutions to work towards green and renewable source for sustainability.   

Evolution of Industries Fighting to Mitigate Global Warming

Solar Industry

Solar industries has evolved as one of the important industry for generating source of energy from the sum rays and using the energy for residential as well as industrial use.

Green Automobiles Industry

Automobiles are innovating products such as electric cars as well as hydrogen run cars which reduces the emission of carbon dioxide.

Nuclear Energy Industry

Nuclear materials like uranium are used for generating electricity in the country. It does not emit carbon dioxide in the air reducing the possibility og global warming.

Natural Fertilisers Industry

Companies producing natural ingredients for producing fertilisers for the plan growth.

Green Appliances Industry

A new sector of business is opened innovating products which emits less amount of CFC which causes damage to the ozone layer. More efficient appliances are made which consumes less amount of electricity.

Recycling Industry

In order to reduce wastage, recycling industry is bringing products in the market which can be recycled and reused again for further requirements.

Lighting Industry

Lighting industry has evolved as one of the successful industry because it consists product portfolio which are clean energy and high efficiency as a source of light. LED technology is one of the innovation of clean energy because it does not use mercury or any other harmful material for generating light. 


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