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High Cause Of Women Death In Pakistan

This reports presents information on high causes of women death in Pakistan.

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Pakistan is the sixth most populated country in the world with the population of over 200 million. Like any other country, the population of women exceeds that of men in the South Asian country. Being an undeveloped country, people in Pakistan strive daily for their livelihood and even after 69 years of independence,the majority of population is uneducated. Lack of medical facilities and resources causes untimely deaths of women especially in many rural and urban areas of Pakistan.

The high cause of women death in the country is maternal mortality which has increased drastically in the past two decades. It is estimated that one in every 89 women die because of pregnancy related complications. Approximately twenty percent of these deaths occur due to postpartum haemorrhaging, a condition of significant blood loss in the first 24 hours after childbirth. The hospitals in the underprivileged areas often don't have enough blood for transfusion during this extremely dangerous condition of postpartum bleeding which proves fatal for the woman who has just given birth.

Another reason for high maternal mortality is puerperal sepsis. It is a condition where infections during pregnancy, even the infections that are not directly related to the pregnancy, trigger the body's inflammatory response to infection. This perilous condition is also known as blood poisoning. Sepsis can only possibly be treated by the proper intake of recommended antibiotics.

Another significant cause of maternal mortality is a condition known as eclampsia. This is a sudden irregular movement in the body of the pregnant woman resulting from high blood pressure. This condition can make things even worse as the women going through this condition can find themselves in coma

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