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Industry Reports

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20 Most Polluted Cities Of Asia ResearchPollution is one of the important concern of the world for sustainability. The report showcases 20 most polluted cities in Asia24 January 2016 06:53:56
Advanced Automotive Technologies Industry In JapanThe Japanese automotive industry is one of the most prominent and largest industries in the world. Japan has been in the top 3 of the countries with most cars produced since 1960s and eventually surpassed Germany and the US.15 January 2016 07:22:59
Agriculture Industry In IndiaIndia is one of the top agricultural country in the world. It is self sufficient to produce commodities for the population of the country.9 February 2016 15:31:39
Aircraft LeasingAirlines lease aircraft from other airlines or leasing companies for two main reasons: to operate aircraft without the financial burden of buying them, and to provide temporary increase in capacity.25 January 2016 13:06:44
Alcoholic Beverages Industry In NigeriaAlcohol consumption in Africa is high and is thriving strongly. As per World Health Organization’s (WHO) ‘Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health’, Nigeria is estimated to have highest annual alcohol consumption in Africa. An average Nigerian consumes about 12.28 litres of alcohol per annum.25 January 2016 03:43:46
American Consumer Appliances Market Penetrated By International PlayersWhile energy-saving smart appliances are a win-win any day, some smart capabilities – such as talking to your oven – might be unnecessary14 January 2016 08:22:23
American Dairy Ingredients MarketThe exports from the US increased from 1.5 million metric tons in 2005 to 1.9 million metric tons in 2012 —a growth rate of 24.0% (According to the US Dairy Export Council) – key export destinations being South East Asian countries, South Korea and Japan25 January 2016 11:56:18
Asset Management In IndiaThe trends indicate that assets managed by the Indian mutual fund industry has grown from INR 9.39 trillion in April 2014 to INR 11.93 trillion in April 2015. This represents a 27 per cent growth in assets year on year.8 February 2016 15:32:29
Automotive Aftermarket In ChinaChina is the second largest economy in the world, with a GDP of $ 10.4 trillion and expected to grow at a rate of 6.76% in 2015.18 January 2016 05:21:03
Automotive Industries In IndiaThe automobile industry in India is world’s fourth largest, with the country currently being the world's 4th largest manufacturer of cars and 7th largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in 2017. Overall, Domestic automobiles sales increased at 7.01 per cent CAGR between FY13-18 with 24.97 million vehicles getting sold in FY18.15 August 2018 02:22:35
Automotive Industry In The USAThe U.S. auto employment forecast from 2013-2018, suggests that the employment will likely rise by around 10.8 %, with complex average expansion rate of 2.1 %. The production in the U.S. is estimated to continue growing, expanding at compound increase rate of 2.4 %; this result is projected raise of 12.6 % within production in 2013-2018.10 August 2018 02:43:00
Automotive Market In IndiaDevelopment in the GDP (Gross Domestic Product), FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), service sector, construction and agriculture activities determine the PV (Passenger Vehicle) sales within near future.21 January 2016 02:48:35
Baby Care Industry In IndiaThe baby care market in India is expected to grow at an annual rate of over 17% in terms of revenues during the 2014-2019 period to reach over $31 billion, from $14 billion.5 June 2016 06:21:09
Bangladesh Readymade Garment Sector (RMG)In 2013, Bangladesh exported nearly $31 billion of goods overall—nearly twice what it did just four years earlier in 200910 August 2018 02:43:25
Banking Industry In ChinaChina banking system is one of the driving force of growth for the economy.30 March 2016 17:41:40
Big Data Market Worth $16.9 Billion In 2015Big Data does not regard only the size of data but likewise includes data variety and data velocity.14 January 2016 08:43:17
Biodiesel (Petroleum Refining)This document seeks to explain the benefits and challenges of biodiesel. It provides those in the petroleum industry supply chain and those they serve with information ranging from storage to shipping of biodiesel fuels. It also discusses best practices that will help ensure the quality of the biodiesel product.10 August 2018 02:43:37
Boiler Market In IndiaBoiler is one of the key components for any power project, and as India’s hunger for energy is growing fast, the essential boiler market of it is going to achieve new high. By 2022, the end of 13th FYP (Five Year Plan) boiler market in India is expected to grow over USD 11.7 billion.13 January 2016 07:59:01
Bollywood IndustryOne of the revenue generating industry for the country. Bollywood movies are famous across the globe.24 March 2016 06:49:41
Bottled Water Industry In NepalBottled water companies have been quenching the thirst of people across the globe. These bottled waters might succumb to contamination due to intrinsic and extrinsic factors due to which the market is volatile, fragmented etc. The companies need to focus on quality products instead of unhealthy competition.30 July 2018 04:13:22
Breakfast Cereals Market In IndiaBreakfast cereals consumption is rising upward due to changing habits of Indian households. It secured USD 157 million in 2013 and promises the double-digit growth over the next five years2 March 2017 06:25:35
Building Automation Market In ChinaBuilding automation is an emerging technology with a lot of growth potential. China's high levels of urbanization, high population growth make it ideal for implementation of building automation technologies. China's construction sector is expected to surpass the construction sector of all other countries. China offers immense growth potential to the building automation market.18 January 2016 05:18:24
Cancer And Cancer Drug Global OutlookThe global market for cancer drugs has hit $100 billion in annual sales, and could reach $147 billion by 2018 The outlook for the development of cancer treatment drug is increasing with the invention of new technologies and medicines.16 January 2016 08:10:01
Cancer Tratment Market In India18 August 2018 03:18:14
Cancer Treatment Industry In IndiaCancer market in India is expected to emerge as one among the largest therapeutic segments in the domestic market in the coming years.28 March 2016 06:57:42
Chemicals Market In USAChemical industry is one of the important industry in USA. Chemical is over $80 billion industry providing revenues and employment to the people of the country.10 August 2018 02:49:17
China - Largest Supplier Of Renewable Energy ResourcesChina remains the world’s largest supplier and largest market for renewable energy sources. Over the next twenty years, more solar, wind, and hydro power capacity will be installed than in any other country.25 January 2016 13:38:09
Commercial Banking Industry In AustraliaFunding supplied by Australian banks and capital markets grew 190% from 2002 to 2012 to $3.7 trillion in 2012. To increase the funding options for Australian companies, banks may have to consider the role that they can play in stimulating the development of domestic bond market, developing new products to attract and unlock funds from less productive assets.18 January 2016 05:06:29
Commercial Banking Industry In IndiaCommercial Banking Industry in India - Private Banks are likely to report strong earnings over short term on the strength of better credit growth and superior asset quality15 January 2016 07:20:08
Commercial Banking Industry In United StatesUS commercial banks doubled their operating profits in the last 5 years. The household credit growth is coming back into the positive territory after years of de-growth and commercial loan book is expanding. The IPO and M22 December 2017 17:53:05
Compact Car Market In United KingdomIn recent years the small car/compact car segment has crossed 40% of the car market in UK. The emphasis on being single, having smaller nuclear families and women maintaining independent lifestyle has been the main driving force behind this trend.19 January 2016 08:11:39
Construction And Real Estate Industry In IndiaThe Construction industry is the second largest industry in India after agriculture. It accounts for about 11% of India’s GDP and employs more than 35 million people21 January 2016 02:58:57
Consumer Appliances Market In The UKConsumer appliances segment is experiencing high growth due to new trends like premiumisation and cocooning. Another factor affecting purchase behavior is lifestyle changes like a preference for convenience, a shift towards higher quality products, online shopping, increasing health and environment concerns.10 August 2018 02:43:46
Consumer Durables Industry In IndiaIndia is expected to become the 5th largest consumer durables market in world by 2025.21 January 2016 03:35:21
Cosmeceutical MarketCosmesceuticals refers to a cosmetic that is or has claimed to have medicinal properties.23 March 2016 06:13:04
Cyber Crime And Terrorism- How India Plans To Face Its Latest ThreatThe increasing threat of cyber crime and terrorism in India and how well prepared she is to face the "masked" marauders.25 January 2016 13:35:11
Dairy Industry In JapanPeople in Japan used to consume dairy products in minor amount but with growing trend their consumption also goes on increasing. Milk, cheese, cream, yoghurt and sour milk, other dairy product etc. are some of the dairy product they consume. Despite of various risk in the market the demand of dairy product in Japan is increasing which created pressure on dairy farmer to produce more dairy products.13 August 2018 04:18:53
Dairy Industry In Saudi ArabiaDairy industry is the ever growing industry in GCC Countries. Saudi is known for providing world class dairy products to its customers in domestic as well as international market.25 January 2016 03:48:04
Data Center Services In IndiaThe overall size of the data center services market in India is approx between USD 950 Million to USD 1 Billion in 2015 and with powerful resurgence of growth-related projects across verticals such as banking, insurance, telecom and the government, Indian Data Center infrastructure market, comprising of server, storage and networking equipment, shall see a 5.4% increase y-o-y.21 January 2016 02:55:19
Data Centre Services In IndiaThis report explains the role of Data Centre in the developing countries like India in various fields.9 June 2016 10:13:07
Defense And Security Industry In JapanThe Japan Self Defense Forces or JSDF are the unified military forces of Japan that were established after the end of the post-World War 2. Recently they were engaged in international peace-keeping operations. Spending on defense in the next five years from 2015 to 2020 is expected to amount to USD 232.4 billion.19 January 2016 07:59:01
Earth Moving & Construction Equipment Industry In IndiaEarth Moving and Construction Equipment (ECE) is expected to grow at a tremendous CAGR of 20-25%.8 March 2016 06:28:30
Ecommerce In ChinaEcommerce/Digital marketing for consumer brands and e-commerce companies has become the primary marketing channel as more budgets is allocated by brands. Custom content has increased the imports as companies fight to develop awareness and win customer mind share in the marketplace.25 January 2016 11:39:28
Economy Of AghanistanAgriculture is considered to be one of the important industry for the country’s growth over the years contributing to over 50% of the total GDP, but the trend is changing as more and more industries are growing giving rise to the economy of the country.26 March 2016 08:29:18
Education Outlook In USAEducation in USA is one of the important sector of the country.10 August 2018 02:49:38
Electric And Hybrid Vehicles Industry In United KingdomThe UK automotive market has seen a drastic surge in the demand for electric and hybrid vehicles (EHV) over the past three years, indicating an increase in new registrations of EHVs from 3,500 in 2013 to nearly 40,000 by the end of June 201521 January 2016 04:05:44
Electric And Hybrid Vehicles Industry In United StatesThe electric and hybrid vehicles in the United States is the second largest in the world after Japan. Since their inception in 1999, a total of 3,540,199 hybrid electric automobiles and SUVs have been sold in the country through December 2014.14 January 2016 09:04:04
Electric Car Market In EuropeExponential growth is seen in UK (300%), Germany (70%) and France (29.8%) in 2014 in the electric cars market. Norway leads the world in plug-in electric vehicles per capita.21 January 2016 04:00:25
Emerging Trends In Retail Market NetherlandsIt is expected that retailing will continue to see slow value growth over the foreseeable future at constant 2014 prices.25 January 2016 11:36:12
Energy Efficiency Market In AfricaAfrica is supposed to quadruple its renewable energy capacity from 30.5 gigawatts in 2012 to 120 gigawatts by 203018 January 2016 05:15:50
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