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Impact Of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) On It Services Business
RPA is an advanced technology which makes use of robots (automation program) in performing certain highly repetitive and high volume business process with great precision.
Perspective 3
Wastewater, Not A Waste Anymore!! – Reuse Market Hot In Southeast Asia!
“… No water to waste… not even wastewater…” sounds puzzling?
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Are We At The Verge Of The “next Great Depression”?
This paper will discuss the emerging trends in the global markets today, and how the “Zero Interest Rate Policy” (ZIRP) and Quantitative Easing (QE) Strategy could potentially lead to an economic free fall.
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Home Automation – Will The Big Boys Miss The Boat?
Will the large Building automation players miss out on the home automation revolution?
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A study indicate that WalMart’s direct and indirect influence on the area of retail industry led to 3.1percent reduction in overall consumer prices between 1985 and 2004
Perspective 3
Network Neutrality Impacts On Emerging Markets
The pros and cons on the issues regarding Network Neutrality as Internet is a free medium in context to content and services offered by internet. It further illustrates consumer and the business view of the impact of Network Neutrality regulations if they will be regulated or not.
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Education Of The Future
Smart education refers to the integration of IT with education.
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Commercial Banking In Pakistan: Focus Of Technical Efficiency In The Major Post Reform Era
Commercial Banking in Pakistan - Technical efficiency
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Decoding SMAC
Convergences of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) represents an unprecedented wave of disruption that is expected to transform business-technology ecosystem in the coming years.
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The Economic Ideas Of The Round Table
The Economic Ideas of the Round Table
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