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Our Story

95% of all businesses in the world are SMEs (small, medium scale enterprises). These SMEs, although small and medium, contribute to more than 55% of Global GDP & over 67% of Global Employment. However, the largest challenge these companies face is – access to information, Why? Business information in today’s world is locked behind high paid walls often only afforded by large corporations.

Imagine the possibilities for the SME in Bangladesh who wants to expand geographically and find out more about local regulations, channel partners and likely competitors OR the Indian professional who wants to keep herself updated on what's the latest in data storage techniques. An entrepreneur from Philippines who wants to find like minded professionals to discuss business opportunities and a British student who wants to understand few industries in specific countries before making a critical career decision.

At wikiBIZpedia, a community of thought leaders, researchers, professionals and everyone else are collaborating to create a world where FREE access to comprehensive research reports, expert perspectives in multiple languages enables billions of individuals, professionals and businesses to level the playing field for all companies – large or small - and give everyone a fair chance to compete, prosper and improve lives in both ordinary and extraordinary ways.

That’s the world we want to create.

Our Mission

To Democratize Business Information & Knowledge by Co-creating Content and Connecting Professionals

What is wikiBIZpedia?

wikiBIZpedia is a community platform for professionals to co create business information to be consumed by individuals, professionals and businesses for free

wikiBIZpedia is a place to gain and share knowledge about businesses and industries. wikiBIZpedia is an open community platform where you can read, write and collaborate on a range of business topics. If you are passionate about an industry, you can author or edit world-class research reports and advice fellow professionals. wikiBIZpedia also offers you an excellent opportunity to build a reputation with a global audience.

What’s more, wikiBIZpedia also compensates you for your time and hard work by attracting content sponsorship for your quality reports

What is the need for wikiBIZpedia?

We believe that business information should be free for everyone and this is the fundamental driver for wikiBIZpedia

  • 95% businesses in the world are SMEs. These form the largest population of businesses in every country across the globe
  • Access to business information is the single critical challenge these SMEs face for their decision making - information such as finding the right markets, right partners for expansion/growth, information related to competition, local regulations etc etc
  • All this information resides behind paid subscription - B2B research industry; $80 Billion controlled by approx 300 companies
  • Businesses struggle to get this information that is critical to decision making
  • With the intent to FREE this paid content - wikiBIZpedia offers free access to business research reports, these reports are co generated and peer reviewed by professionals from within their industries

Where does the name come from?

While the intent is to "free" the knowledge for everyone, what is a wiki “about business” without any “business” element in it? So we put ‘BIZ’ right in the middle of where it belongs - hence the name wikiBIZpedia - a place where you share and gain business knowledge by authoring and contributing to business reports and build your thought leadership reputation, and at the same time get compensated for your time and hard work.

High quality reports attract sponsorships from companies who value being associated with relevant and accurate content. Sponsorship revenues flow back to the authors/editors