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Our temple ,nearby my home says to belong to 4th century BC.The name of the temple is 'Chendathrikkovil' which is designated due to sage Jayanta who lived at Chenamangalam village years ago.The exact name of the village was Jayantamangalam and for the ease of use it became changed.Now people call our village Chendamangalam.The idol of the worship of temple is Sreekrishna .The worshipping idol is tall.My uncle says that ,he had seen such an tall idol of God only in Tirupathy .In the temple, inside on the back of the wall,a picture is depicted.It is half lion and half man.It is the ferocious appearance of God..The story picturized says the acquisition or the murder of the demon Hiranyakashipu.The God kills him.The kith and kin of the story is wholly the victory of the virtue over vice.We can see how the Protector of the Universe comes to guard his small,good devotee from the disaster.It's same as Lord Jesus reappear after his crucifixion on Easter day.It's similar to the prophet Monammed Nabi's prophacies.I will tell the story of the demon king Hiranyakashipu and god devotee Prahlada, his son. Hranyakashipu was a cruel king. He was against the Lord Almighty.He didn't believe in God. and his strength.He teased God and tortured sages ,saints and living beings.One day king notlced that his little cherub was praying to Lord Mahavishnu.Then he suddenly started enquiries.He wanted to know that who was responsible for his child’s devotion towards Lord.Hiranyakashipu had got 3 wishes from the god Brahma.That is he won’t be killed outside,won’t be killed inside he won’t be killed by a man or animal,he won’t be killed in day time or night time.He was very pride.We all know pride goes before a fall.And one day it happened.Hiranyakashipu became outrageous and was attempting to kill his son by taking his sword.What was the reason?King saw that his son was praising his god.King asked his child”if there is god,where is he?Show him.”The prince replied”he is everywhere in the world.I can see him in anything”.And atonce he aimed the nearby pillar with his sword.Suddenly the atmosphere became rude,furious and filled with foam and fog.A roaring sound echoed everywhere and a ferocious body appeared.That was half man and half lion.God himself yook a new appearance to kill Hiranyakashipu.The form should satisfy three conditions.What are they?The demon wil be killed only if it happened on evening(not at day or night),not an animal or a man,not should be outside or inside.That was on a step.Thus the god took his sword and killed him.And nnobody even god’s wife couldn’t stand beside him.Everybody became scared and afraid of the god.When god saw his child devotee he became calm.Every omnipresences were there.Then all the gods and goddesses showered flowers on the god and devotee.Then the Lord Narasimha gave all blessings to prince Prahlada.Every creature in the world became happy.The picturization of execution of Hiraynakashipu was depicted on the wall.A light is litted there all days.There are subgods also in the temple.Ganapathy(lord of sets) is worshipped there.He is also known as Vighneswara(Remover of all difficulties).Lord Ayyappa is also worshipped there. Lord’s friend is a muslim named Vavar.What does this indicate? The secularism of the country is propagated here.The motto’unity in diversity ‘ is clearly shown here.All those who reading this might be heard about Samharamoorthy(The Destroyer) named Paramashiva.There are numerous stories about him.I shall describe one interesting story among them.A mother worshipped and prayed tremendously the lord.God became pleased and gave her a wish.But alas! What was the wish?Lord asked her that whether she want a foolish child who has long living or a wise child who has 16 years life span.The mother atonce replied that she need a wise child.God gave her the wish and vanished.She called her child Markandeya.And ahat happened at the end.When Markandeya ‘s 16th birthday came ,the king of hell ,lord Yama(Lord of Death) came on the buffallow with his rope.Markandeya cried and ran fastly towards the temple of Paramashiva .He hugged the Shiva’s figurine and prayed.Lord Paramashiva became angry and attacked Yama and his fellows.They ran away.At the end, Markandeya got all showers of blessings and lived long happily thereafter.Now comes the story of Vaishravana.He had a little pride about his wealth.The gods wanted to stop it.One day Vaishravana went to Kailasam,which is situated in Himalayas.Lord Paramashiva is Kailasanadhan(Lord ot Kailasam).WhenVaishravana saw the lord and his son Ganapathy.he became sad.Vaishravana thought that god’sfamily is very poor.He invited Ganapathy to a grand feast .When the feast day ccame,Ganapathy speedily came to Vaishravana’s palace.And ate every thing with in a second.All food items became empty.Vaishravana became scared.Ganapathy called Vaishravana a thief.Vaishravana ran to Mahadeva’s( Paramashiva’s) Kaialasam.Lord gave a small powder(bhasmam)to Ganpathy and suddenly lord’s hunger stopped .Thus he left Vaishravana.That means Pride goes before a fall.Every starvation will be cured by God.In India,we have tg=hree forms for God.Lord the Protector,Creator and Destroyer.These all I want to conclude about ' The Great Indian Hindu Gods'.I wish. peace rule over the universe.KNOWLEDGE BRIGS HUMILITY.HUMILITY BRINGS FAME. FAME BRINGS TREASURE.TREASURE BRINGS PLEASURE.This id the conversion of dmall poem in Sanskrit.VIDYADATI VINAYAM, VINAYADHWATI PATRAM,PATRAATWAT DHANAM AAPNOTI,DHANAT.......SUKHAM.Knowledge is power.Pleasure, the ultimate Utopian theory of the life is achieved.