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Do I have to register to use wikiBIZpedia?

No anyone can read reports on wikiBIZpedia. However, anonymous writing or edit is not possible, besides you must be logged in to be able to build your reputational capital and receive financial compensation for your contributions

Why should I register/join wikiBIZpedia?

Creating an account and logging in has many benefits. When logged in you can:

  • Write, edit content on
  • Receive compensation for your contributions
  • Receive recognition for your contributions
  • Private Message other users
  • Create personalized watchlists of your favorite pages
  • Sign contributions and comments to notes and be automatically notified of responses
  • Access special features such as uploading files.
  • It's Free!

Where does the information in wikiBIZpedia come from?

From people just like you who are passionate and knowledgeable about an industry or a business. Contributors are writers, experts, practitioners, users, vendors and researchers.

How do I know the information in wikiBIZpedia is accurate?

wikiBIZpedia is a platform for co-creation and peer review. We do not make claims or cannot guarantee with 100% certainty that every piece of information is accurate. However, all information on wikiBIZpedia is written and reviewed by the community.
From time to time, there may be incidents of vandalism however volunteers monitor the content of the site and fix problems as they arise, often within minutes or hours. The software too uses alerts monitors when changes are made to reports and it is very easy, with the click of a button, to revert back to an earlier version of a report.
Finally, if you come across a piece of information that you believe is not accurate, we strongly encourage you to login and edit the content for everyone's benefit.

How does wikiBIZpedia make money?

On wikiBIZpedia access to all content is free. Below is the revenue model

  • Reports are created and peer reviewed on a variety of industries and markets
  • Each report gets an authority score based primarily on quality of information and popularity of the report itself
  • Reports with High authority score attract bid based and time bound content sponsorship offers from companies
  • wikiBIZpedia retains 30% of all sponsorship revenues and the rest 70% is distributed among the author/s and top editors in a specific proportion

(See Also "How it Works")

Why do companies want to sponsor content on wikiBIZpedia?

Companies sponsor content for

  • Association with specific markets
  • Success rate of specific content
  • Reach to specific audience

However, please note that only qualified content receives sponsorship offers and revenues. All reports are assigned authority scores on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the best) based on quality of content and popularity of content. For any content to attract sponsorship offers, a minimum authority score of 3 or more is necessary

Why should I use wikiBIZpedia?

Depending on your role on wikiBIZpedia there are definitive value prepositions for everyone on this platform Value for Contributors

  • Credibility and Thought Leadership
  • Source of Valid Income - get paid for the research effort and time
  • Sharing Experience and Knowledge
  • Co creating content in community environment with fellow professionals

Value for Users

  • Access to information that is
  • Comprehensive in coverage – industries as well as geographies
  • Timely and as accurate as possible
  • Has been co created by the industry professionals themselves
  • Access to network of individuals that can be
  • Leveraged for education and advocacy
  • Lead generation and brand visibility
  • Networking and match making

Value for Sponsors

  • New opportunities to reach specific target professionals – through content marketing like format
  • Ability to build credibility by associating brands with contextual and relevant content of high quality


What can I publish and/or edit on wikiBIZpedia?

There are 2 categories of content that you can publish

  1. Industry Reports - these are market research reports on specific markets/industries. These reports cover market trends, dynamics, financial information, competitive landscape etc (please see the full list here). Industry reports are editable by anyone. These reports attract content sponsorships from companies who may find your reports valuable to them. Revenues from content sponsorship flows back to wikiBIZpedia, authors and top editors in pre determined proportions
  2. Expert Perspectives - these are your perspectives and commentary on business issues, trends, markets, current happenings, essentially written in a blog style format. Expert Perspectives are non editable by peers, and they do not attract content sponsorships, Expert Perspectives however are a great tool to build your reputational capital and establish yourself as a thought leader on your subject within global community

Why should I write with wikiBIZpedia versus some other Web site or blog?

Many famous people will tell you the key to their business success is writing regularly. Writing forces cogent thinking and often inspires action. So whatever venue you choose, we celebrate your writing and sincerely wish you the best.

  • wikiBIZpedia is different - than most sites in many ways. First, the founders of the wikiBIZpedia project have mentored and trained several hundred analysts over the course of 2 decades and are making their writing templates and How-to expertise widely available to the wikiBIZpedia community.
  • wikiBIZpedia is open - Anyone can edit wikiBIZpedia and you won't find restrictive rules claiming ownership to your work.
  • wikiBIZpedia is sound business - wikiBIZpedia will help you build your reputation and a steady income stream. By accessing wikiBIZpedia tools, templates, expertise and community, you will grow professionally and as an individual.
  • wikiBIZpedia is fun - You pick a topic, float original ideas, get feedback from your peers, help others improve and create a content agenda that can be applied in many ways-- commercially or for any purpose you choose.
  • wikiBIZpedia is a place where you can meet and collaborate with other professionals to get work done. wikiBIZpedia is good, safe, challenging and fun

Who owns the rights to my contributions?

Anything written on wikiBIZpedia can be used by anyone for any commercial or non-commercial purpose. wikiBIZpedia doesn't impose restrictions on the use of content submitted by the community. It's yours-- use it as you see fit. But please keep it ethical and clean.

Is my report worth publishing?

Great notes can directly help many different individuals or teams solve complex problems. The ultimate test of publishing worthiness is also the simplest: (1) publish; and (2) see if anyone edits or enhances your note. Click the 'watch' tab and you'll automatically be sent an email when someone edits your note.

How long does it take to write a wikiBIZpedia contribution?

A wikiBIZpedia report or articles can take a few hours to research and write. A wikiBIZpedia industry report ranges from between 1,500 - 5,000 words and can take between 20 to 80 hours (often having multiple authors contributing) to fully research, write, edit and publish.

Who will read my contribution?

wikiBIZpedia is made up of a growing community of experts, practitioners consultants and writers from every part of the world and includes users, vendors, consultants and practitioners.

How do I get started?

There are many ways to contribute to wikiBIZpedia from writing an opinion to a full industry report. Check out the Contributor Center for more information. You can also simply click on the 'edit' tab and revise an industry report as you see fit. Please log in to write, edit and receive credit for your contributions.

What are wikiBIZpedia's Contribution Policies?

wikiBIZpedia is the place for well researched business information. Citing sources is encouraged where appropriate (e.g. when referencing a market forecast) but not compulsory. wikiBIZpedia encourages original research from those who have done their homework and opinions of experts with hands on experience. wikiBIZpedia accommodates different points of view in its reports and articles in an effort to present a full spectrum of considerations to readers, as long as these opinions are directly based on real world experience. Readers are expected to consider the structure and logic of diverging arguments and form their own opinions. These tenants determine the type and quality of material deemed acceptable for inclusion.


What is a wikiBIZpedia Author?

wikiBIZpedia regards anyone who posts substantive, idea-based content to be an "author." This includes anyone who writes an industry report and or thought leadership article. Please note that anonymous posting is not acceptable, you may need to log into wikiBIZpedia to contribute as an author. Signing work makes it easier to forge collaborative relationships with other wikiBIZpedia authors or consumers, track contributions, rate work and recieve remuneration.

What is an Originating Author?

The "originating author" is the individual that initially creates a piece of content. Typically, originating authors

  • choose the content's title;
  • organize the content's initial structure; and
  • craft the piece to the point of initial usability by the wikiBIZpedia community.

Other contributors to the article can sign the section, graphic, or other element that they contributed.

What is a wikiBIZpedia Editor?

wikiBIZpedia editors improve the brevity, clarity, and grammatical and spelling accuracy of wikiBIZpedia text and graphics. These editors work together to establish and ensure consistency with wikiBIZpedia style rules.

How do I create a Profile in wikiBIZpedia?

While you can register in wikiBIZpedia using a username and email alone, we encourage social signing in using your LinkedIn credentials. Once you use LinkedIn to sign in, your profile page is automatically created


How do I become familiar with the software wikiBIZpedia uses?

wikiBIZpedia uses simple to use but powerful software powered by Mediawiki, an open source wiki platform. The Help link is a place to find useful hints and tips.

How do I know who made contributions?

The 'history' tab provides a full log of changes by author. You can compare versions by clicking on the radio buttons in the history section of the article.

How do I find reports and articles in wikiBIZpedia?

You can utilize the search box. Type the article or phrase you want and hit 'Search.' 'Search' looks for instances of the phrase entered in the search box. The wikiBIZpedia portals also contain a hierarchical structure listed by major categories. Search in wikiBIZpedia is case sensitive.

How do I report unacceptable conduct such as plagiarism or vulgarity?

If you deem a report to be of unacceptable content, or not original work, please do the following:

  • Edit it
  • click on the 'discussion' tab of the article and log a note
  • Email us with the name of the article, the url and as much detail as you can provide.
  • Thanks for keeping the wikiBIZpedia community ethical and clean.